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DESIGN CONSULTATION: This initial consultation is the first step toward achieving your beautiful new space! You’ve likely been dreaming, planning, collecting photographs and will share these with us. We will determine the scope of the project and your goals for the new space. We’ll discuss your lifestyle, tastes, budget and “must have” elements. Once we have all of the necessary information to launch the design phase, a preliminary measure of the space will be taken.

DESIGN PHASE: Taking the input from the consultation, we’ll begin to develop a plan that best fulfills all of your needs and requirements and, if necessary , create multiple plans. Depending on the scope of the project, this process normally takes several weeks. Then we’ll schedule a presentation meeting.

PRESENTATION: At this meeting, you’ll view a three dimensional plan of your space. This is the best way for you to “walk” through the space and to get a real feel for the design. We’ll be able to give you a good understanding of how we arrived at the proposed solutions. We’ll discuss the pros and cons, make necessary adjustments, and begin fine tuning the plan.

DESIGN SCHEME: Throughout the project, we will be guiding you in the choice of materials, finishes, fixtures and colors that complete the space.

FINAL DRAWINGS: Once contracted, we will provide all of the final drawings required by the contractor or architect to begin your project.

IMPLEMENTATION: From the very start, we will be there to help coordinate all the various elements of the construction phase. Our hands-on approach and continual oversight will ensure that your project runs smoothly. The final result will be a space that surpasses your expectations!